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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
International Manpower Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. is committed to protect the reasonable privacy expectations of personal information of everyone it does business with including suppliers, customers, consumers and employees.IMR shall comply with the applicable laws and requirements while collecting, storing, processing, transmitting and sharing personal information. IMR ensures to implement its privacy policy by safeguarding and preventing unauthorized disclosure of all the information. Documented information management system including storage, preservation, retention and method of disposable shall be followed to safeguard record.
Collection of Information
IMR generally takes the information of its suppliers, customers, consumers and employees. The information may include MoU, agreement letters, contact details, personal details, etc. The reason for collecting the information shall be provided to the stakeholders. Information shall be obtained only after consent has been provided by the concerned.
Storing of Information
The information shall be stored electronically or as hard copy. It is the responsibility of the employee storing the information to keep it secured.
Processing of Information
All the information shall be processed only when required, for example: legal formalities, preparing skill matrix of employee, performance evaluation, etc. While processing the information, a special care shall be taken in order to disclose maintain the confidentiality of information.
Transmitting of Information
The information shall be forwarded to only concerned authority. Permission shall be taken before transmitting the information.
Sharing the Information
Information shall be shared in case of regulatory requirement. For sharing the information, ask for consent to share information unless there is a compelling reason for not doing so.
Investigation and Sanctions
Violation of the Policy
Any of the employees if found accused of leaking the private information during any stages of collecting, storing, processing, transmitting and sharing shall be subjected to investigations by written .Investigation team consisting of the department heads shall be formed who shall be responsible to investigate and collect evidence/ witness. The accused shall have chance to provide his/her justification. If accused is found guilty, an appropriate action based upon the level of violation shall be taken by serving warning letters followed by service termination or law enforcement procedure.
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